Becky Henry and her network at Hope Network, LLC provide support for caregivers of those with eating disorders:

  • No one should face an eating disorder alone. 
  • Release FEAR and regain CONFIDENCE to help your child fight the eating disorder.
  • No one should cope alone with the chaos, confusion and isolation that comes with the challenge of a child with an eating disorder.
  • Through education and support it is possible to find sanity, fun and even joy in everyday family life.

We understand. We’ve been there. This is the philosophy that drives Hope Network: to offer education, support and resources for families coping with eating disorders.

Come join us for a self-care retreat!

  • Are you a parent, spouse or caregiver looking for support, encouragement, relaxation, fun and hope?
  • Is it time to take the break you need for essential self-care?
  • Looking for ways to better support your loved one in recovery from an eating disorder?
  • Do you long to talk with other parents and caregivers who understand exactly what you are living through?

Mount Olivet Retreat Center in Farmington is the location, about an hour from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport and Mall of America. Check out the:


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What parents and caregivers are saying about Hope Network Parent Programs

(Emails from parents who gave permission to share this):

Hi Becky,

It’s good to hear from you. Here’s a bit of feedback for you.

  • I learned to distinguish when my daughter was speaking from her authentic self and when the eating disorder was speaking. I learned to ask her “What do you think I just said?” We could then have a true conversation rather than each of us responding to a misinterpretation based on faulty thinking.
  • I learned how to tell her I was concerned in a way that she could hear my concerns. I learned to speak up with my concerns and then not avoid the topic or bring it up all the time.
  • Having a group to discuss my concerns was also very helpful. I didn’t feel so alone with the topic.

And thanks again for the support I received from the group, from coaching, and from reading the book. It changed me and had such a positive impact on K. She is at University in the first year of her residency and is doing well!



Hi Becky,

A few words about how you and the Hope Network Parent Programs have helped me as a support for my daughter in regard to her eating disorder.

When I first was working with you I was so emotionally exhausted from the four years of supporting my now adult daughter that I had lost myself.  I was constantly stressed and not sleeping. I just felt I was surviving and certainly not thriving.

With the one-on-one coaching with you, I gave myself permission to step out of the constant state of being on alert, to taking steps to care for myself again.  I pushed past some very deep fears and began to do things to enrich my life as I once had as a regular practice.

I began seeing friends again and traveling. I let my daughter see that life was no longer on hold for her eating disorder by my just living again. In response, my daughter began to start living as I stopped being vigilant.  

She is still in recovery but doing so much better and feels overall that she too has her life back.  By parents not living fully in spite of eating disorders, the disorders take on even more power. Thanks Becky for the guidance to get where we now are.

 Bonnie O.



I could have written pages about this !!  Please feel free to share our name with whomever you need to.  I’m not sure if I ever properly thanked you….  Thank you, I know you must speak with many many parents/caregivers daily.  What you gave to us was a gift.  The gift to help us help our daughter. You gave us the “permission” to need support ourselves.  We thought we were supposed to have ALL the answers.  We didn’t. We have a better understanding now.  Finding a family based therapist was thee best thing we ever did.  It certainly cut out alot of years of useless therapy.  Anyway, forward my response and let me know if you need anything else.  


Early on, before we even found our family based therapist, I had a consultation with Becky Henry. I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed and ill equipped with dealing with our daughter’s eating disorder. I also felt incredibly alone.

My husband and I would cry ourselves to sleep most nights. Our family simply did NOT understand.

I would say that the Hope Network was the first resource I used to help us. Becky was referred to us by another Mom who had been successfully consulting with Becky. I never before that moment considered getting help for me and my husband. Our main concern at the time was our daughter who was medically unstable and was exhibiting some disturbing behaviour.

Being supported as a care giver, I believe, is Vital to the success of the person suffering from an eating disorder.

Eating disorders are a multi-faceted disease. The average person doesn’t know anything about it and even the family going through has very little understanding of it. After speaking with Becky, I realized there was NO way our family would get through this unless we established therapy that included ALL of us. My husband and I heard for the first time that we were doing the RIGHT thing. Music to our ears. Beforehand we were kept out of our daughter’s treatment. I was second guessing my instincts as a Mother.

I have to say that dealing with our daughter’s ED has been and remains one of THEE most difficult things we have Ever gone through. Had we not reached out to get support for ourselves, I personally feel like would have never had the energy, resources or strength to go on.

Our child today, nearly a year later, is in recovery. She has comorbid issues but has NO issues with food. She is moving closer and closer everyday to an independent, healthy, vibrant life as a 21 year old.


Alida and Paul R.


“Hi Becky,

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all your help and support. Your guidance and wisdom was invaluable during one of the toughest times of my life. You always listened to me and then made sure I had a goal each week to help keep myself sane through all the trials of having a child with anorexia. Your knowledge and network of information was very helpful. I could not have gotten through it without you.” ~ Toni C.


 About the HOPE Network Founder

HOPE Network was founded in 2003 to address the lack of support and resources available to families & friends of those coping with eating disorders. HOPE founder and president Becky Henry is a coach specializing in Eating Disorders family experience. She has a passion for helping others and a desire to see this endemic issue addressed.

Becky Henry

Becky Henry

Becky Henry, business and life coach, with Infinite Potential Coaching, provides individual and group coaching to help clients achieve their goals and specializes in helping families cope with their loved one’s eating disorder. Since 2000 Becky has been learning “hands on” what it means to be the parent of someone with an eating disorder. She has collected resources, information and skills relating to this complex issue. She also brings creativity, fun, the ability to create outside of the box and the life experience that it is indeed possible to experience joy in very challenging circumstances. She is the author of Just Tell Her To Stop: Stories of Families Surviving Eating Disorders which is available on the book store page and at Becky brings over eighteen years of experience in leadership, organization, meeting facilitation, conflict resolution, fundraising for eating disorders research, time management and real estate redevelopment.

Becky studied psychology at Gustavus Adolphus College and is a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, CA. She is an active member of the Minnesota Coaches Association. Contact Becky

Who are We?

HOPE Network, LLC  collaborates with educators, coaches, health professionals and eating disorders advocates who share a passion for helping families cope with the impact of eating disorders. We believe that it is impossible to stand by and do nothing when one in every three people affected with an eating disorder will die as a direct result.

Anchored in our belief that anyone can find joy (or at least sanity) in any circumstance, we’ve developed a series of workshops to educate and assist families coping with eating disorders.

About Eating Disorders

For more information about Eating Disorders visit our Facts About Eating Disorders and Links to Resources pages.


The Mission of Hope Network is to provide access to resources, hope and healing to all families affected by eating disorders through: education, coaching, writing and speaking.  Creating informed healthy families leading loved ones to full recovery as they navigate the crisis of an eating disorder with Joy and Peace and Hope.


Everything we do is based on respect. We believe in caregivers being included in recovery. The way we include respect is by creating accessible programs that support, encourage and train caregivers of those with eating disorders.


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